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GANS provides the Aeronautical Information Service in accordance with GCAA Civil Aviation Regulations and ICAO Annex 15 AIS and Annex 4 (Aeronautical Charts). The aim of the AIS is to ensure the flow of aeronautical information/data necessary for safety, regularity, economy and efficiency of international air navigation.

With the implementation of area navigation, performance-based navigation (PBN), airborne computer-based navigation systems and data link systems the importance of aeronautical information has changed significantly and we are constantly working with our clients to ensure their data is maintained to the highest standards as we have migrated from paper to electronic documentation.

Our services ensure airlines, pilots, controllers and all those involved in flight planning and navigation have access to the latest:

Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP);

AIP Supplements (SUPs);

Aeronautical Information Circulars (AICs);



In addition we offer services in Aeronautical charting, Procedures design, and Information Management.