First Emirati Female Controllers To Validate At Al Bateen And Abu Dhabi Approach

Corporate Communications

On the 8th of October, GAL ANS held a ceremony to celebrate and recognise the achievements of Somayah Abdulla Mabarak Al Hamoor Al Kaabi and Sumaya Juma Salem Al Kaabi.

Somayah is the first female Emirati controller to validate at Al Bateen Airport which has been in operation since 1969. And Sumaya is the first female Emirati controller to validate at Abu Dhabi Approach (North sector) at Abu Dhabi International Airport which commenced operations in 1982. These validations are significant achievements as they have opened the door for other female Emirati controllers to follow.

GAL ANS CEO Jesper Skou stated during ceremony that the company was proud of Somayah and Sumaya‘ accomplishments as it demonstrates GAL ANS’ continued success in Emiratisation and is in line with the UAE’s efforts to enhance the role of Emirati women in all fields of work. He also advised both controllers to remain diligent throughout their careers as Air Traffic Controllers.

The ceremony was attended by Senior Management from GAL ANS and Abu Dhabi Airports.