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Airports and ANSPs must stay abreast to increasing demands and requirements with regard to its airspace and flight procedures. Not only will the airspace infrastructure and operation benefit from an economic efficiency, also capacity, safety and environmental considerations are taken into account when developing airspace solutions for the current and future airspace concept.

Airspace needs to be re-designed from time to time, driven by a need for additional capacity or more efficiency. GANS offers you experience which comes from experience in delivering large and complex airspace changes. Our expertise is based on development and validation fast and real-time simulation, which enables designs to be modelled to evaluate designs to meet the complex requirements from all stakeholders.

Designing an efficient airspace is a complex task which involves consultation with many stakeholders. We have developed a broad knowledge base in this area and can offer services from conceptual studies to fully implemented airspace networks.

Our portfolio also includes developing optimized ATS operational methodology, simulation and validation, safety assessments, KPI development and monitoring.

We can offer any airport and air navigation service provider a reliable partnership when it comes to airspace and flight procedures.