The ATM Incident Investigation Course

Ms Jenny Drayton

The ATM Incident Investigation Course was validated at the end of February and this finalised many months of work to create original materials. The development process and lesson content were subject to rigorous scrutiny by ICAO before approval for delivery was granted. This process helped ensure the material met the highest standard possible.

The course is based on modern task-based training techniques which are student-centred and mirror, as closely as possible, the real-world environment trainees will be part of following the course. It is a move away from conventional power point, lecture style delivery to a more dynamic instruction environment. The instructor is a facilitator who acts as a coach guiding trainees to achieve course outcomes. Trainees are involved in their learning every step of the way. Assessment is done by gathering evidence throughout the investigation process to show that trainees have met the course objectives. This is known as a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates how well the trainee is able to carry out the task. It allows instructors to give detailed feedback to trainees and their managers to identify strengths and weaknesses in all facets of the investigation process. Feedback from course participants has been overwhelmingly positive as they find the material engaging and instructive.

Blog Contributor

Ms Jenny Drayton

Head of the course development unit and an English language instructor with over 20 years’ experience in adult training. She is interested in task-based learning, student-centred teaching methods and online training. She is currently doing a master’s degree in language training methods.