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With a strong working relationship with the GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority), GANS Training Centre in Al Ain is the first Training Centre that has the GCAA approval as an ATS Training Organization and is recognized by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) as Regional Training Centre of Excellence for ANS training.

Courses follow a flexible and practical approach to utilizing state-of- the-art equipment and techniques. Training can be tailored to suite a client’s particular needs in terms of both content and duration.

In addition to the core ATS disciplines, GANS Training Centre provides courses developed specifically for individual Aviation and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). All training Packages can be integrated with the latest concepts and advances within the industry to provide immediate and location specific context.

Theory and Radar Training courses can be delivered in Al Ain at the Training Centre or at the client’s premises. ATC Tower Simulation is carried out in a dedicated facility comprising one 360 degree and two 225 degree Tower simulators. ATC Radar simulation is provided on multiple 2-position hi-fi radar simulators. Additional Part Task Trainer’s (PTT), used for teaching basic procedures and routines, can also be configured as simulators to train in any ATS discipline, as required.

All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboard technology, allowing instructional staff to access, reproduce or replay practical simulation exercises in the classroom for the purpose of review and discussion.

Courseware, accessed from a secure server, facilitates flexibility in the presentation of lessons, briefings and debriefings, ensuring the highest quality of lesson delivery. GANS Training Centre has graduated more than 2900 students in different disciplines of Air Traffic
Services since opening.

The Training Centre has sufficient ATS instructors on staff and includes four tower simulators, six radar simulators, CBT laboratories and classrooms.

Working closely with our Clients, GANS is also in development of the Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) basic course and certification process for all of its CNS Staff.